Dr. Laurence B. Mussio


BREAKING: March/April 2016:  Dr. Mussio named Editor-in-Chief of McGill-Queen's University Press's forthcoming publication Nation, Communication, Reputation:  Case Studies in Canadian Reputation Management   FOR DETAILS: www.thereputationbook.ca

The concept of reputation has become a prominent discussion point in popular media. Governments, agencies,  enterprise and institutions alike are acutely aware that the current media climate, especially in the advent of social media and mobile internet has dramatically changed the communications landscape. Reputational damage in the era of social media can be devastatingly immediate and overwhelming. Innumerable cases point to this conclusion. Financial institutions, governments, consumer companies, retail firms and indeed the entire spectrum of economic activity spend billions on reputation and brand in Canada alone.

Dr. Mussio has developed a major specialization in reputation management. He has taught reputation management in the graduate faculties of McMaster University in Canada and Syracuse University in the United States – courses that are among the most popular offerings. He has supervised dozens of case studies on the subject by students who have gone on to win international awards for their efforts. Dr. Mussio has also delivered ground-breaking scholarship on reputational capital in 19th century Canadian banking.

His growing list of clients seeking advice on reputation management include some of the most senior executives in the private and public sectors, most recently health care and financial institutions.